3 Piece Tweezer Set

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  • Comes with 3 different tweezers
  • Finished in our signature floral print
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3 Piece Tweezer Set

The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Tweezer Set has all the answers to your tweezing needs. Including a Slanted Tweezer, a Pointed Tweezer and a Precision Pointed Tweezer you’ll have defined brows and accidental mishaps will be eliminated! Also included is a lovely floral pouch to keep all three tweezers safe and secure.

Slanted Tweezer:

Perfect for keeping brows neat and tidy. Use the slanted tip to pluck hairs from beneath the brow and add shape. Neat arches… No problem!

Pointed Tweezer:

Great for freeing ingrown hairs and removing splinters. This little wonder is an all rounder. Ideal for fine hair removal too!

Precision Pointed Tweezer:

Enabling you to create defined lines with the slanted tip but also remove those ultra fine hairs from the brow, this wonderful tweezer allows for precise plucking time after time!


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