5 Pack Emery Boards Blue Flag

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Perfect your nails wherever you are with the 5 Pack Emery Boards from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. These Emery Boards are designed to smooth your nails, filing them to your perfect desired shape. They come in a 5 pack, assuring that you have one wherever you may need it. Printed in our Union Jack blue design, these boards are not only a ‘manicure must have’ but are pretty too. Let’s make chipped nails history!

Emery Boards Step by Step Guide

  1. Make sure your nails are super-clean and ready for filing.
  2. Cut your nails to your desired length using The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s cute Nail Clippers or Scissors.
  3. Hold the Emery Board at an angle so that the board slides upwards on your nails. Using minimum pressure, file your nails in one direction (to avoid jagged edges). Don’t use a see-sawing action as this causes nail to become brittle and weak.


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