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Turban Shower Cap Paper Birds

blue shower cap turban style paper birds design
turban shower cap box
blue shower cap turban style paper birds design
turban shower cap box

Want to sashay away from a long, hot shower or soak in the tub looking like a goddess rather than a damp (hair) squib? Now you can, thanks to this fabulously on-fleek take on the traditional shower cap.

Our vintage-print shower turban comes adorned with paper birds dancing on cornflower blue polyester – cute enough to charm the birds from the trees and keep your inner glamor puss purr-fectly happy.

With a 100% waterproof lining, there’s no need to wing it in the bathroom anymore, because your do will stay frizz-free and as a dry as an Arizona afternoon. So, it’s adios to hours wasted on restyling! The gently elasticated design covers all types of hair, too – long, short, straight, curly, thick, fine or blowout, it’s all safely under wraps.

Your Paper Birds turban is your wingman for deep-conditioning treatments, too – locking in moisture so all that goodness can sink deeper into every strand, and even protecting your pillow overnight if you want to sleep on it. Something to tweet about!

How to use:

  • Tie up long hair in a bun or ponytail (our scrunchies are just the job). 
  • Pop on your superfly Paper Birds turban and tuck in any loose strands and bangs. 
  • After use, wipe or hand wash then leave to air-dry so it’s good to go for next time.
  • Beautifully boxed to make a gorgeous gift so you can share the haircare lurve.

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