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Sleep Mask Orange Print

When you dream of waking full of va-va-voom instead of couldn’t-sleep-again gloom, this flamboyantly fruity sleep mask is your wham-glam-thank-you-ma’am answer.

Rocking a vintage, leafy oranges print on deep pink satin, it’s finished with a flouncy, pink trim and gently elasticated strap to keep it comfily in position without snagging your hair. With all light blocked out, you’ll soon find yourself drifting into a deep, restful sleep… to awaken fresh as a just-picked orange, and with no pillow creases around those beautiful peepers – jeepers!

How to use:


  • Apply your favorite eye cream.
  • Pull on your mask, lie back… and catch those Zs.
  • Ideal for catnaps, slumber parties, and traveling.

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