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Sandy's Sleepover Spa Kit

sandy's sleepover kit
sandy's sleepover kit contents
sandy's sleepover kit boxed
sandy's sleepover kit
sandy's sleepover kit contents
sandy's sleepover kit boxed

It's time to pamper! Whether you're heading to a girlfriend's for a sleepover or fancy an evening of self-indulgence, this wonderful set has everything you need to treat yourself from tip to toe.

Spa slippers - slide you tootsies into these comfy spa slippers and relax.

Headband - get ready for a facial or ultimate cleanse by ensuring hair is kept out of harm's way with this vintage inspired satin headband.

Make-up remover cloth - this cleansing essential will remove every inch of make-up using only a splash of water.

Cosy socks - Bed time can't come soon enough when there's a pair of luxuriously soft cosy socks waiting to give your feet a treat. They're the perfect addition to a chilly evening or to use after moisturising.

Sleep mask - Hello beauty sleep! This glamorous satin*g* sleep mask, complete with vintage inspired frill, will block out any unwanted light, meaning those peepers will be well rested come morning (even if you were up late chatting)!

Satin pillowcase - bedhead and pillow creases are a thing of the past with this baby pink satin pillowcase. The silky texture allows your face to glide effortlessly over it as you sleep and won't absorb your skin's natural oils throughout the like, unlike cotton pillowcases. Dimensions: 75cm x 50cm (standard pillowcase size).

Shower cap - don't despair, this saves your styled hair! Designed in a beautiful baby pink and lined with waterproof pink polka dots, this shower cap keeps you locks protected so that you can skip hair washing day just one more time. Because who doesn't want to catch some extra ZZZ's?

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