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Hair Turban Dalmatian Print

do the twist

Tresses in distress? Dogged by frizz and breakages, no matter what products you splash out on? Here comes your new hair hero bounding to the rescue, in the shape of this cute Dalmatian print turban.

Made from lightweight, fast-absorbing microfibres, it wicks away excess water without snagging or stretching your locks – unlike that heavy shower towel. So instead of wasting time on damaging blowouts, you’re free to chill, apply make-up or get on with one hundred and one other things, knowing your crowning glory is safely under wraps. The big reveal? Healthier, glossier locks, fewer split ends, and a farewell to frizz.

In a classic black spot print on white, gently elasticated, and with two buttons to fasten securely, it can be used for any style of do – big, short, long, or curly. You’ll also puppy-love its pretty practicality when you’re at the pool, on the beach or simply want a fun, fuss-free way to get the kids’ hair dry. Pawfect!

How to use:


  • Pop the turban over wet hair, loop-end at the front (if you’ve got long hair, tip your head down first).
  • Tuck in any stray locks, then twist up in the turban, as you would with a towel.
  • Bring the twist back over your head and fasten the loop around one of the buttons to secure.
  • Machine wash regularly at 30C (65-85F) and air-dry. Avoid fabric softener, as this will reduce the fabric’s absorbency.

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