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Back Scrubber Pink

Is your back out of sight, out of mind? Not any more – our pretty-in-pink bath brush is here to the rescue. With a long, easy-grip handle, it’s got your back – every single inch! 

Make a date with your back scrubber in your regular beauty routine to remove all traces of dirt and dead skin, banish blackheads and bacne, and buff your back to satin smoothness. 

The nylon bristles are firm enough to thoroughly exfoliate and cleanse, yet soft enough to avoid irritating or scratching even delicate, sensitive skin. And because it’s designed for use wet or dry, you get double the bang for your bucks. Great skin all over is finally in reach! 

How to use:

  • Get back to basics with a dry-brushing session to slough off flaky dead skin cells, boost your circulation and stop any annoying itches in their tracks.
  • Now it’s time to take to the water – either the tub or the shower – and get your back wet.
  • Splash a little body wash onto the bristles.
  • Starting from your shoulders, work the brush all over your back. 
  • After use, rinse thoroughly, then hang from the attached loop and leave to air-dry.
  • Depending on how sensitive your skin is, use at least twice a week to make sure baby got (clean) back!
  • Not suitable for use on broken skin or severe acne.

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