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Nancy Fake Strip Lashes

Nancy False Strip Lashes fleeky lashes
Nancy False Strip Lashes fleeky lashes
Nancy False Strip Lashes fleeky lashes
Nancy False Strip Lashes fleeky lashes

nancy lash


Who said subtle can’t be fun? Not our Nancys! With a fine band that enhances your lash line, 3/8 inch (10mm) long tapered tips and an exquisitely wispy texture, these charming fake strips channel lashes of vintage Audrey-Hepburn style to artfully accentuate your eyes, both day and night.


Adding a natural-looking fullness that really opens those peepers wide, these synthetic stunners are ideal for occasions when you’d rather keep the secret of your luscious lashes to yourself. Don’t have the time to do too much make-up? Just add a little liner or soft white kohl along the inside of your lower lids to brighten your eyes. And when you do want to turn up the va-va-voom volume, team with lashings of shadow, liner, and highlighter in the inner corners, and you’re all set to go smash it.


Whether you’re a falsie first-timer or an old hand, you’ll love their ultra-lightweight, easy-wear comfort. They even pass the contact lens test, and they’re not just a passing fancy, either. Keep them in perfect shape by tweezing old glue from the band and whisking away make-up with a cotton swab and micellar water, and your Nancys will be reusable up to four times


Each beautifully boxed set comes with a clear, latex-free adhesive that dries without clogging for a professional, long-lasting fix. With your adorable Nancys, you’ve got the best of all worlds – naughty and nice.


How to go from desk to dancefloor with naturally fuller Nancy:


  • First apply your eye make-up – but hold the mascara...
  • Gently pick up the lashes from their tray with an eyelash applicator or tweezers.
  • Check their width against your eye and trim with scissors to get just the right fit.
  • Apply a thin coat of lash adhesive along the strip-lash line and wait 30 seconds for it to become tacky.
  • Fit the strip lash to the middle of your lash line, as close as possible to the roots, then press the entire strip into place.
  • Pinch your lashes and falsies together, either with your fingers or eyelash curlers, and fluff up with a spoolie.
  • To remove, pinch the inner corner of the strip and gently peel off, following the direction of your own lashes.
  • Store your Nancy falsies safely in their tray between uses, so they’re ready to give your eyes a lift another day.

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