• 4 Way Nail Buffer
  • 4 Way Nail Buffer

4 Way Nail Buffer

Feeling a little rough around the edges? D.I.Y. manicures are as good as the real thing with this 4 Way Nail Buffer. File, remove ridges, smooth and shine for healthy nails in one perfect package!

  • 4 different grains to buff to perfection
  • Vintage inspired designs
  • Lightweight and long-lasting 

Step by Step

  1. File - Shape your nails into your preferred shape filing from the edge to the centre.
  2. Remove Ridges - Buff the surface of the nail in circular motions but don't overdo it, you don't want to damage the nail.
  3. Smooth - Now re-buff the new nail surface to get a smoother finish, reaching any missed imperfections. 
  4. Shine - Polish the nail surface to get a super glossy, natural finish. 

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