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Sleep Mask Girl Gang

sleep mask girl gang
sleep mask girl gang packaging
sleep mask girl gang
sleep mask girl gang packaging

Every girl needs her girl gang, and every girl deserves a Girl Gang sleep mask. Made from silky soft polyester, it’s the perfect way to prevent pillow creases on the delicate skin around your eyes, whether you’re planning a catch-up on your beauty sleep or a slumber party with your homegirls.


In a vintage 1950s-style pink, embroidered with the “Girl Gang” motif in cherry red and a matching frilly trim, when you pop it on you’ll feel like a true glamor puss. And you’ll be sleeping like one, too, because it’s designed for a comfy snug fit to block out the light so you can concentrate on your sweet dreams. The gently elasticated red strap will keep it in place all night long, so you’ll wake up beauty-queen fresh.


How to use:


  • Smooth on an eye cream or serum.
  • Pop on your mask, lie back and… chillax.
  • Ideal for travelling when you want to ZZ flop!

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