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Eyelash Curler Silver

Eyelash Curler Silver
Eyelash Curler Silver
Eyelash Curler Silver
Eyelash Curler Silver

give us a curlAdd an effortlessly flirty flutter to your lashes with our Eyelash Curler designed in stylish silver to add some glamour to your collection. This tool is a game-changing addition to your beauty routine that will add more definition and create a lift and curl to last all day and all night.

  • Includes 2 replacement silicone pads
  • Make-up bag essential
  • Use to blend false strip lashes with your own lashes

    Step by Step

    1. Ensure the Eyelash Curler is clean and dry.
    2. Hold the Curler in your hand like a pair of scissors and open fully.
    3. Position the Eyelash Curler midway along your lashes ensuring all of your lashes are between the clamps.
    4. Close and hold the Eyelash Curler clamped on your lashes for a few seconds.
    5. Open the Eyelash Curler to reveal gorgeous, glamorous and curly lashes.
    6. Finish with a lick of mascara and you're good to go!

    Beauty Tip

    Use a hairdryer on a low setting to heat your Eyelash Curler for a few seconds then curl your lashes when it is warm, not hot. The heated Curler produces a better curl that will last all day.

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