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Shower Cap Red and Pink Leopard Print

Shower cap red and pink leopard print
Shower cap red and pink leopard print belly pand
Shower cap red and pink leopard print
Shower cap red and pink leopard print belly pand

Don't rain on my parade

What’s that they say about a leopard never changing its spots? Well, they haven’t met our loveable leopard print shower cap, which has swapped the more traditional brown and cream coloring for an outrageous pink and red inspired by fun and flirty fashions of the fifties. 

With a fully waterproof, pink polka dot lining, it’s 100% committed to keeping your do safe and dry in the wettest, dampest conditions. Pop this stylish beauty on, and tubs, showers and steamy bathrooms are a bother for your blowout no more – so you can wallow to your heart’s content, knowing your hairstyle will be frizz-free, A-OK and ready to play when you are.

A soft, elasticated opening keeps your forehead free of marks and your hair under safely under wraps, no matter how long, curly or big it is. It even doubles as a haircare tool for an intensive, leave-in conditioner – just apply your favorite treatment before bed, then hit the sack. When you wake up in the morning, your hair will be kitten-soft and your pillow fresh and dry. Has there ever been a cuter way to pamper your inner glamor puss?

How to use

  • Tie up long hair in a bun or ponytail (our scrunchies are just the job).
  • Pop on your Red and Pink Leopard Print shower cap and tuck in any pesky flyaways.
  • Completely reusable – just keep it fresh for next time by wiping or rinsing then leaving to air-dry.
  • Pair with our matching Poppy make-up headband with its big, beautiful bow.

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