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Shower Cap Lemon

shower cap lemon
shower cap lemon boxed
shower cap lemon
shower cap lemon boxed

Don't rain on my parade

Want dry, frizz-free hair and a bouncy blowout after a steamy shower or soothing soak in the tub? Then meet your new mane squeeze – our refreshingly retro Lemon Print shower cap.

The 1950s-inspired leafy lemon design on a contrasting light blue is trimmed in pale yellow for cute good looks whether you’re wearing it or hanging it up to dry, but it’s more than just a pretty face. That sweet white polka dot lining is totally waterproof, ensuring your do is safe from damp, steam and splashes, while the comfortably elasticated opening keeps every last strand of even the longest or biggest of styles under wraps without leaving marks. No more time wasted on restyling = more time to have fun!

For another twist, slick on your go-to deep conditioning product, then cover up with the cap to seal in all that goodness and prevent your hair from drying out while it works its magic. You can even sleep on it for an overnight treatment, with no worries about damp patches or product on your pillow next morning.

In our signature candy-striped gift box, the Lemon Print shower cap is part of our refreshing Lemon Collection, including the loveable Lulu headband, handy manicure kit and our indulgent Spa & Sleep Set. If you’re after a present (including for yourself), it’s simply the zest!

How to use

  • If your hair is on the long side, first secure in a bun or ponytail (our scrunchies are just the job).
  • Pop on your Lemon Print shower cap, check for loose strands, and you’re ready to go. 
  • Completely reusable – just keep it lemon fresh wiping or rinsing then leaving to air-dry.

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