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Turban Shower Cap Coral Daisy

Turban Shower Cap Coral Daisy
Turban Shower Cap Coral Daisy boxed
Turban Shower Cap Coral Daisy
Turban Shower Cap Coral Daisy boxed

There’s nothing like a lovely, long soak in the tub or shower. And there’s nothing like all that heat and humidity for turning your hairdo from beautifully done to damp, frizzy disaster. But it’s not too late to save your blowout from oblivion and turn potential tragedy into triumph – all you need is our Coral Daisy shower turban, rescuing damsels in dis-tress with a touch of flower power since 2021.

Taking its inspiration from the fabulous fashions of the 1950s, this is a shower cap with a difference, from the vintage-inspired daisy print on coral pink to the trending turban style that’s as easy to wear as it is on the eye. 

Designed in soft polyester with a totally waterproof inner lining, it’s gently elasticated to keep your locks safely under wraps and up, up and away from water and steam. Curls, crops, fine, thick – no matter your style, it’s going to stay blooming gorgeous.

And if your hair needs some extra TLC, just comb through a conditioning mask after washing, then cover up with your turban. Beneath that cute flowery cover, the conditioner will be working its way deep into every individual strand. It’s comfy enough to sleep on for an intensive overnight treatment, too – so if you fancy waking up to a pristine, product-free pillow and a really great hair day, just go pick this doozy of a daisy. 

How to use:

  • Fasten long hair up with one of our super-soft scrunchies (short hair’s good to go already!). 
  • Pop on your turban, tuck in any loose strands and bangs, and you’re ready to deal.
  • After use, wipe or hand wash then leave to air-dry to keep it as fresh as a daisy.
  • Beautifully boxed to make a gorgeous gift – say it with flowers! 

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