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Celeste Make-up Headband

Celeste make-up headband
celeste make-up headband packaging
Celeste make-up headband
celeste make-up headband packaging

Turn your ordinary beauty routine into an altogether more starry affair with our retro-style Celeste Make-Up Headband in deepest moody blue.

Sprinkled with little-bitty white stars and rocking a great, big, beautiful bow, the broad band keeps your luscious locks free from skincare products, make-up and self-tan (it’s wide enough to protect your ears, too).

Made from plush polyester and gently elasticated, it’s comfy enough to wear all day yet secure enough to stay in place even when you’re working out – because why shouldn’t you look fabulous when you’re chilling or getting your glow on!

It’s also super-absorbent, so if you wear it after washing your hair, it will soak up excess moisture, and that means less time spent on blow-drying. Who could possibly not have a soft spot for such a little star of a headband?

How to use:

  • Slip your Celeste headband over your head so it sits around your neck, with the bow at the front.
  • Free any trapped strands then pull the band back up to cover your hairline, sweeping pesky strays away from your face.
  • Keep your Celeste headband looking and feeling heavenly by machine washing on warm (30C) and hanging up to air-dry.

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