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False Tan Accessories Kit

False Tan Accessories Kit
False Tan Accessories Kit
False Tan Accessories Kit
False Tan Accessories Kit

For that summer glow, prep and tan like a pro!

Our accessory kit is the only thing you need to prep and apply self-tan, ensuring you have sun-kissed skin all year round.

Set includes:

  • Exfoliating Towel - Use in the bath or shower to exfoliate dry and dead skin cells. Simply run it over your body and it will leave your skin silky smooth ready for your self-tan application.
  • Body Mitt - Apply your fave self-tan to the mitt and run the body in circular motions. Be swift so it doesn't settle in one place. The mitt will provide an even finish and prevent the tan staining your palms (this is self-tan giveaway to keep them clean).
  • Tanning Brush - This is a game-changer in our eyes. Gone are the days of uneven tan between your fingers, toes and around your ankles. Buff and blend the tan into the skin with the ergonomically designed tanning brush. No streaking over here! Pop a little self-tan onto the area of application and use the brush in circular motions to blend.
  • Face Mitt - Small but perfectly formed our face mitt is the ideal for applying self-tan to the tricky areas of the face. It's miniature size makes it ideal for taking on your travels.

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