• Manicure Purse Pink Flag
  • Manicure Purse Pink Flag

Manicure Purse Pink Flag


best kept secretThis Manicure Purse is perfectly compact for nail emergencies on the go or to keep at home for well-needed pampering nights in. The pink Union Jack design is quintessentially British and adds an elegant, retro touch to your manicure routine. With stylish, floral-printed Scissors, Fingernail Clippers, a Cuticle Pusher and an Emery Board, you can clip, snip and file nails to perfection.

  • Includes 4 essential manicure tools
  • One-stop-shop for nail care 
  • Handbag essential

Step by Step

  1. Start by clipping long or broken nails with the Fingernail Clippers.
  2. Use the Scissors to trim any hangnails.
  3. Apply a cuticle cream to your nails or soak in soapy water for 10 minutes to soften cuticles.
  4. Wrap some cotton wool around the Cuticle Pusher before using as this is gentler on the skin and push back your cuticles. 
  5. Shape and smooth nails with the Emery Board to buff away any rough edges.
  6. Apply a coating on nail polish and you're manicure will be salon-worthy!
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 4 manicure tools with signature floral finish


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