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Hair Turban Leopard Print

hair turban leopard print in micro fibre
hair turban leopard print in micro fibre packaging
hair turban leopard print in micro fibre
hair turban leopard print in micro fibre packaging

Wet hair needs love and care, so show it some affection with our fierce but feminine leopard print turban – the uber-glam way to help dry your do naturally and keep the dreaded frizz at bay.

Normal towels are heavy and rough on delicate, damp locks, causing them to stretch and break. Our hair turban may look vintage, but it’s modern microfiber miracle – featherlight, soft and super-absorbent. This baby drinks up excess water faster than a zebra at the waterhole when it knows a big cat is eyeing it up for dinner…

With it securely in place, you’re free to make-up, chill or indulge in a pamper session with hair safely out of the way. When you finally take off your turban, you won’t need to spend as much time with the hairdryer, reducing the risk of heat damage and leaving locks healthy and glossy. It’s the purrfect way to tame your mane.

Pop it on after combing through wet hair and adding any leave-in treatments – the gently elasticated edges will keep even the longest, curliest, biggest or bounciest hair styles safely under wraps. Part of our retro Leopard Collection, it loves to roam away from home, too – ideal for the pool, the beach and the kids. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be a smitten kitten!

How to use:

  • Tip your head down slightly then pop the turban over your locks, tapered end at the back of your neck.
  • Twist the turban tightly round your tresses, pull the twist back over your head and fasten the loop at the end around one of the buttons to secure – and ta da! No drips, no fuss, just gently drying hair.
  • Machine wash at 30C (65-85F), then air-dry – and give fabric softener a miss, as it will reduce absorbency.

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