We're Launching Two More Bathing and Body Products into Ulta Beauty!

Following the launch of three products into Ulta Beauty in March, The Vintage Cosmetic Company is introducing two brand new Bathing and Body products in Ulta Beauty stores and online at ulta.com in late early August this year, the Comforting Gel Bead Face Mask and Cosy Comfort Kit.
Cosy Comfort Kit Launching in Ulta Beauty
The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a British brand best known for creating cosmetic accessories inspired by the charm of the 1950s. Loved by make-up artists and celebrities alike, these products make old Hollywood glamour accessible to busy, modern women across the globe.

These classically inspired cosmetic accessories have been in the United States since 2015 and cover seven distinctive categories, inclusive of products ranging from False Strip Eyelashes and Gift Sets, to Make-up Headbands and much more.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Co-Founder and Commercial Director Clare Tarry says, "This year is an exciting year for us: We have welcomed the business partners who brought Benefit Cosmetics to the UK from America, Gail Bokarski and Ian Marshall onboard as Shareholders, and launched at JCPenney as part of the JCP Salon initiative and extended retail assortment."

She goes on to say, "Additionally, by the time August rolls around we will have launched a total of five new products into Ulta Beauty stores as well."
Comforting Gel Bead Face Mask Launching into Ulta Beauty
The Comforting Gel Bead Face Mask is a multi-purpose and ergonomically designed product. It can be used warm or cool to achieve fresh and rejuvenated skin and has adjustable straps and soft backing for comfort. The warming function of the Mask opens pores and soothes facial discomfort, while the cooling function closes pores after cleansing and can ease puffiness, swelling and even sunburn.

The Cosy Comfort Kit will be part of The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Gift Set range and contains a Gel Bead Eye Mask and Gel Bead Comfort Pack. Similarly to the Comforting Gel Bead Face Mask, both can be used heated or cooled to soothe puffiness, swelling and headaches, or for added warm cosiness on chilly nights - making this a special, yet practical gift for a friend, or loved one.

These products can be bought in now online at ulta.com or in Ulta Beauty stores across the United States.