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  • What Did The Starlets Of The 50's Teach Us About Beauty?

    Those big doe eyes, sculpted brows and perfectly coiffured hair-dos have left a lot of us wishing that we had been around in the 50’s! We get much of our inspiration from these classic Hollywood beauties – and we can definitely learn a thing or two from their beauty routines…   The eyes were prob... View Post
  • Impress Your Friends With Vintage Inspired Gifts This Christmas

    It’s nearly time! If you’re anything like us you probably haven’t been totally organised in getting all the presents you actually needed to get at this point in December! We love how they did things back in the good old days i.e. the 50s (of course!). Homemade presents, brown paper packages wrapp... View Post
  • What Has Changed From Thanksgiving in the 50's?

    In terms of seasonal excitement, we have been told that it should go: Halloween, Thanksgiving and THEN Christmas! We've recently seen more than a few memes about this awesome holiday not being allocated it’s fair share of “hype” due to premature Christmas anticipation! So we have listened and dec... View Post