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  • What Has Changed From Thanksgiving in the 50's?

    In terms of seasonal excitement, we have been told that it should go: Halloween, Thanksgiving and THEN Christmas! We've recently seen more than a few memes about this awesome holiday not being allocated it’s fair share of “hype” due to premature Christmas anticipation! So we have listened and dec... View Post
  • 10 Things We LOVE About Autumn

    From bonfires and woolly jumpers to hot chocolates and cosy evenings in, there’s so much we love about autumn, The Vintage Cosmetic Company Team put together a list of their favourite things about this time of year:   Dark lipstick: Gone are the subtle shades and hues of summer, if you love dee... View Post
  • It’s a Date!

    Hey vintage babes! We hope you’ve all had a good week - we know we have, but we’re still super excited for Friday! We’ve covered the perfect pampering essentials for a quiet and relaxing weekend in, but if you’re all set for a date this evening or are super-organised and are starting to plan for ... View Post