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  • What Did The Starlets Of The 50's Teach Us About Beauty?

    Those big doe eyes, sculpted brows and perfectly coiffured hair-dos have left a lot of us wishing that we had been around in the 50’s! We get much of our inspiration from these classic Hollywood beauties – and we can definitely learn a thing or two from their beauty routines…   The eyes were prob... View Post
  • Which do you reach for? Blending Sponge or Jelly Pebble? Part 1

    We’ll just say straight away – we adore BOTH! But 100% they have different strengths and should not be used in the same way. In case you’re not a professional make-up artist, we wanted to help you out and share our personal research!   To begin, if a Blending Sponge is your thing, DO NOT get one ... View Post
  • We Investigate Autumn/Winter Make-up Trends for 2018

    When we think of autumn, often we think of gold eyeshadows and dark lipsticks to make an otherwise subtle look feel daring and bold. This year autumn is back and bolder than ever. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Team investigated and compiled their favourite trends set to take centre stage in autumn... View Post