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  • We Investigate Autumn/Winter Make-up Trends for 2018

    When we think of autumn, often we think of gold eyeshadows and dark lipsticks to make an otherwise subtle look feel daring and bold. This year autumn is back and bolder than ever. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Team investigated and compiled their favourite trends set to take centre stage in autumn... View Post
  • 3 Ways to use our beauty Blending Sponges!

    Blending Sponges come in all shapes, colours and sizes but most women don’t realise how versatile and easy to use they really are! Our Blending Sponges are infused with Vitamin E or Collagen and come in up to four different shapes, specially designed to reach different contours of your face for n... View Post
  • Self-Improvement September

    Autumn is slowly shifting into place here in the UK as the sun sinks earlier and earlier in the day and the nights are becoming colder and colder – this can leave everyone feeling a little bit drained and worse for wear round the edges – so what better time to use self-improvement month to your a... View Post