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  • Skincare Vibes For 2019

    First of all we’d love to set the record straight – good skin care does not have to be complex or overly expensive. We love watching a 20-step skincare routine just as much as the next beauty obsessed girl. However to do that yourself, you will probably break the bank buying all the products and ... View Post
  • Self-Improvement September

    Autumn is slowly shifting into place here in the UK as the sun sinks earlier and earlier in the day and the nights are becoming colder and colder – this can leave everyone feeling a little bit drained and worse for wear round the edges – so what better time to use self-improvement month to your a... View Post
  • We're Launching Two More Bathing and Body Products into Ulta Beauty!

    Following the launch of three products into Ulta Beauty in March, The Vintage Cosmetic Company is introducing two brand new Bathing and Body products in Ulta Beauty stores and online at in late early August this year, the Comforting Gel Bead Face Mask and Cosy Comfort Kit. The Vintage... View Post