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  • Skincare Vibes For 2019

    First of all we’d love to set the record straight – good skin care does not have to be complex or overly expensive. We love watching a 20-step skincare routine just as much as the next beauty obsessed girl. However to do that yourself, you will probably break the bank buying all the products and ... View Post
  • Aprils Product of the Month: Magic Make-up Melts

    This month our focus is on getting our groove back for spring… The harsh winter months are finally over and we don’t know about you guys, but our faces are definitely feeling the strain! From oily patches where we’ve over layered and cooked ourselves on public transport, to dry noses and sore lip... View Post
  • Make-up Melts

    Just add water! It’s really that simple. The Make-Up Melts by The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a complete game changer in the world of makeup removal, making it a whole lot easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly. View Post