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  • Impress Your Friends With Vintage Inspired Gifts This Christmas

    It’s nearly time! If you’re anything like us you probably haven’t been totally organised in getting all the presents you actually needed to get at this point in December! We love how they did things back in the good old days i.e. the 50s (of course!). Homemade presents, brown paper packages wrapp... View Post
  • How To Correctly Blend False Strip Lashes

    Getting into the holiday season, most of us will be attending a work party or a big family get together. On these occasions you probably won't be allowed to turn up in sweatpants (much to our dismay). So as a compromise, we always like to dress nice but comfortably and add in some false lashes to... View Post
  • Do Black Friday The Smart Way This Year

    It’s that special time of year again! When you cram all of your Christmas shopping into one amazing weekend. Done correctly, Black Friday can be incredibly useful. However, we aren’t saying that there haven’t been situations where we were left screaming over the last discounted TV in ASDA… Which ... View Post