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  • Our Top Beauty Tips for Using False Strip Lashes

    Whether you’ve never worn false lashes before, or you’re a lash-wearing diva we can all agree there are some key tips to help you apply, remove and look after your False Strip Lashes so you get the best out of them. Applying my False Strip Lashes: Firstly apply your make-up - no need for m... View Post
  • We Investigate Autumn/Winter Make-up Trends for 2018

    When we think of autumn, often we think of gold eyeshadows and dark lipsticks to make an otherwise subtle look feel daring and bold. This year autumn is back and bolder than ever. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Team investigated and compiled their favourite trends set to take centre stage in autumn... View Post
  • Beauty Tips: The Smokey Eye Make-up Brush Set

      No one can resist the iconic smokey eye look! Since the 1950’s this smouldering look has been gracing our screens, and the popularity of the classic smokey eye has only grown larger as qualified MUAs and amazing self-taught make-up artists alike have been reinventing the smokey eye with differe... View Post