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  • We're Launching Two More Bathing and Body Products into Ulta Beauty!

    Following the launch of three products into Ulta Beauty in March, The Vintage Cosmetic Company is introducing two brand new Bathing and Body products in Ulta Beauty stores and online at in late early August this year, the Comforting Gel Bead Face Mask and Cosy Comfort Kit. The Vintage... View Post
  • Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow

    Trends change and fads fade but the charm of the 1950s still remains fascinating even in today’s modern society. This week our blog is all about our gorgeous vintage inspired Hair Collection. Tail Comb: This dual purposed beauty is perfect for both backcombing and sectioning hair. You’ll find th... View Post
  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company Launches at JCPenney

    In July 2018 JCPenney will be launching a new range of beauty tools and cosmetic accessories from The Vintage Cosmetic Company in over 100 JCP Salons in stores across America as part of their new in-store salon initiative.  JCPenney is a household name which has been a part of the American sh... View Post